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Tribal Affiliated Businesses...

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes take pride in Tribally-owned businesses and we urge you to take pride in them too by patronizing these establishments. Economic development is todays way, but we believe that we can infuse our traditional beliefs into the way we conduct business. Taking responsibility for ourselves in order to ensure our future has always been our way of life.

Tribally-owned and operated businesses include:
S&K Technologies, Inc. (Corporate)
S&K Technologies, LLC
S&K Aerospace, LLC
S&K Global Solutions, LLC
S&K Environmental, LLC
S&K Logistics Services, LLC
Adelos, Inc.
S&K Electronics

KwaTaqNuk Resort

Flathead Stickers and Lath
Gray Wolf Peak Casino
Eagle Bank
Energy Keepers, Inc.


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Affiliated Businesses
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Listing of Tribally Owned Businesses 06/30/2015 (PDF)

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