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Kootenai Culture Committee...

The Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes' Tribal Council established the Kootenai Culture Committee in 1975.

The Kootenai Culture Committee is a tribal program that functions independently from the Tribal Organization. The Committee serves to advise the Tribal Council on cultural issues that affect Tribal policy and provide information to assist tribal programs in project development.

Our Mission is to protect, preserve, perpetuate and enhance the language, culture and traditional lifestyles of the Kootenai people.

Most importantly the Kootenai Culture Committee consults and collaborates information with the Kootenai Elders Committee on all issues pertaining to Traditions and Cultures.

Kootenai Culture Employees
/ Program Director
Susan Antiste / Botanist/Language Technician
Rosemary Caye / NAGPRA Coordinator
Dorothy Berney / Linguist
Tribal Preservation Department
Salish Culture Committee
Kootenai Culture Committee
Kootenai Culture Committee
PO Box 278
Pablo, Montana 59855
(406) 849-5541 
(406) 849-5888 
Email: patriciah@cskt.org

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