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Direct Care Services...

Direct care services consist of health care services provided by the professional and paraprofessional staff of the Tribal Health and Human Services Department at one of its five clinical facilities.

Persons eligible for direct care must meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Those who are eligible for Contract Health Services under present Indian Health Service criteria;
  • Persons who present themselves at a THHS facility during established hours that can document membership in or descendency from a federally recognized tribe.

This criterion is established by CSKT Tribal Council in accordance with federally established requirements.

Clinical Care Division: Direct care services available through the Clinical Care Division include: medical, dental, pharmacy, optical, audiology, diabetes prevention, x-ray and physical therapy. In addition to these services, this division offers other forms of care encompassing behavioral health and addiction treatment.

Tribal Health medical services are offered in clinical settings in Arlee, St. Ignatius, Ronan, Polson and Elmo.

At present the Tribal Health medical provider team consists of two physicians, three family nurse practitioners and five clinic nurses.

To meet the pharmaceutical dispensing needs of our beneficiaries, Tribal Health manages two pharmacies: one in the St. Ignatius THHS Clinic and one in the Polson THHS Clinic.

The Dental Division: Dental clinics are also located in the St. Ignatius and Polson THHS clinics. Tribal Health’s dental program employs five full-time dentists, one part-time dentist, two dental hygienists, and 11 dental assistants.

The Behavioral Health Division: Mental health and addiction treatment services are offered out of the St. Ignatius and Polson THHS clinics. Eligible beneficiaries receive quality care from licensed professionals practicing modern therapeutic methods in a culturally sensitive environment.

The Community Health Division: THHS Community Health Nurses and Community Health Representatives provide assistance and care to patients diagnosed with diabetes and cardiopulmonary related diseases. The Community Health professionals are well versed in these specialty areas and are known throughout the Mission, Jocko and Lower Flathead valley area as the leading providers for diabetes clinical care. In addition, they conduct classes, community outreach, and preventative health care activities to ensure services are offered in the broadest scope available. This is a great opportunity for eligible beneficiaries to become familiar with the various programs and gain an understanding of what is available in the event of arising need.

To find out more about Direct Care or to inquire about setting up an appointment you may contact any one of the following Monday through Thursday, 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m. to 12-noon.

For more information, contact:

Clarice Cooper, Clinical Care Division Manager, (406) 745-3525, ext. 5013

Kim Azure, Behavioral Health Division Manager, (406) 745-3525, ext. 5110

Tammy Matt, Community Health Division Manager, (406) 745-3525, ext. 5058

Dr. Garry Pitts, Dental Division Director, (406) 883-5541, ext. 7329

Dr. LeeAnna Muzquiz, Polson Medical Division Director, (406) 883-5541, ext. 7301

Dr. Kevin Gray, St. Ignatius Medical Division Director, (406) 745-3525, ext. 5100

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