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Tribal Lands Administration...

Support Staff provide technical assistance with Tribal Council presentations, budget and financial planning, payroll and human resource functions, and collect funds generated by leases, permits and easements on Tribal lands and some individually-owned trust properties. Support staff manage the Land Information System with Lease Accounting (LISLA) computer program that maintains the billing and distribution of revenues received from land leases, etc.

Carolee Wendeworth- Department Head; ext. 1199; caroleew@cskt.org
CloAnn Westerman - Business Manager; ext. 1124; cloannw@cskt.org  
Lisa Frost - Collections/Receptionist; ext. 1267; lisaf@cskt.org 
Clarissa Nichols - Receptionist; ext. 1240; Clarissan@cskt.org 

Mission Mountains

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