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The Tribal Right-of-Way Technician processes easement and right-of-way documents for Tribal lands and individually-owned trust lands. Upon approval, these documents provide legal access for roads, power lines, sewer and water lines, and other utilities. Currently, the Technicians priorities are negotiating rights-of-way for the U.S. Highway 93 reconstruction project and for Bonneville Power Administrations major transmission lines.

All transactions require the following steps:

  1. Obtain a Title Status Report (TSR). If on individually-owned trust land, the Technician also obtains an inventory of trust land ownership.
  2. Client submits Application for Right-of-Way. If on individually-owned trust land, client submits a Notice of Waiver. (This waiver applies to the pending Cobell v. Norton lawsuit. Waiver forms are available from the Technician.)
  3. The Technician conducts additional research, if necessary, and contacts the individual trust owner(s) with the additional information and asks whether or not they want to consent to the easement. If the easement request is for Tribally-owned property, the Technician prepares an issue paper for the Tribal Council to review.
  4. If the individual trust owner(s) or the Tribal Council approves the easement request, the Technician processes the paperwork, which sometimes requires that an appraisal be ordered. (Please note: There is a lengthy list for appraisal services which are prioritized by the Tribal Council. Once completed by Tribal staff, appraisals must also be approved by the Northwest Regional Office.)
  5. If the individual trust owner(s) or the Council disapproves the easement request, the Technician notifies the applicant. Negotiations can continue if the owner or applicant chooses a different alternative than what was originally proposed.

The Right-of-Way Technician also reviews plats prior to the Superintendents approval, and handles some trespass issues.

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Right-of-Way Technician: Leonard Two Teeth
Phone: (406) 675-2700, ext. 1268
Email: leonardt@cskt.org
Fax: (406) 275-2804

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