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Home Site Leasing...

The home site leasing program is a discretionary program where 100% tribally owned lands are designated for home site purposes. Enrolled CSKT Tribal members who at least 18 years of age may make application for a Tribal home site lease lot. Under the program, the land remains the property of the CSKT Tribes and is leased for a defined period of time to the lessee. The lessee typically owns the improvements located upon the tribal land.

There are local banks and agencies that may provide loans to qualifying Tribal members to build a permanent home on tribal home site lease lots. Eagle Bank and Community Bank offer HUD 184 loans at competing interest rates. Tribal Credit also provides loans to approved individuals. Each entity has an application process the lessee must complete.

The lease lots are generally bare land and it costs an estimated minimum of $15,000 to develop the infrastructure necessary to live on a site including sewer & water services (which may include a well if community services are not available), electricity and roads and/or driveways to the site, the foundation and all other set up costs associated with home development are all the lessee's responsibility and will be at their cost. Additionally, if you lease a home site lease lot adjacent to an agriculture lease, you will be expected to fence your home site lease lot prior to placing any improvements on the site.

The home site waiting list is approximately 100 individuals and the priority is for homeless individuals with the financial means to develop the lot. You will be asked to provide verification of income as a way to evaluate your financial capacity to develop a home site.

The home site lot is a Tribal asset valued anywhere from $15,000.00 to $200,000.00. Therefore, it is paramount that the lot be developed and resided on within 15 months of receiving an approved permit/lease. Due to the high demand for lots, it is recommended that permanent development occur immediately. Access to water and sewer services from the Salish Kootenai Housing Authority (SKHA) are not guaranteed, due to funding and service limitations. For further information about obtaining these services through SKHA, please contact Roberta Howell at (406) 675-4491, extension 1533.

Home Site applicant background checks:
All individuals who make application for a home site will be screened according to an established background verification process. If the applicant background search results in verification of a violent or sexual assault conviction, or similar offense, the individual will not be considered for a cluster home site or a home site where neighbors are in close proximity.

If an isolated home site lease lot is created to meet an individual's needs, there may be a charge for the processing of a new home site lease lot including the cost for completion of an Environmental Assessment document.

When completing your application, please include the names and birthdates of all residents who may reside in the home. Adult children over the age of 18 years are subject to the background check/verification.

Public safety of all individuals who reside in a home site area is a priority.

Home Site locations:
The CSKT have established home site locations, around the reservation. If a new site is requested, cult ural clearances and other NEPA requirements must be considered before any new lot location is authorized. In addition, there may a charge for site specific home site lot development.

The Tribal Council asks that we not develop Tribal fee parcels, potential commercial lands, tracts located along river or highway corridors, lands located within the buffer zone, irrigated tracts or prime farmland, if at all possible. Tracts acquired with mitigation or BPA, Kerr, or ARCO funds are not available for home site development.

Tribal Historic Preservation, Housing, Natural Resources, Forestry and law and Order are also asked to review each site.

Home Site Boundary locations & Home Site Tours:
The CSKT TLD Office schedules home site tours of vacant lots on a quarterly basis. Home site lot boundaries can be located pending other priority TLD staff assignments. This service is done once at no cost. Additional requests are done on a cost reimbursement basis of $50.00.

Home Site lessee Obligations:
The lessee is required to pay an annual home site lease fee for use of Tribal property until they reach the age of 60 years or are disabled. Lessees are expected to keep the lot clean and free of garbage and debris and to keep all grass mowed to prevent a fire hazard. Reoccurring utilities such water, sewer, garbage and electric bills are the responsibility of the lessee. Failure to pay annual bills for the use ofTribal property and associated utilities will result in lease cancellation.

Because the property is Tribal property and not individually owned, Tribal standards do apply to the number of junk vehicles and dogs allowed on site. All vehicles must have current registration. Family pets must be restrained on the lease lot. Failure to restrain pets and keep cars properly registered will result in a lease violation and if uncured, will be cause for lease cancellation.

A lessee is expected to be a good neighbor and not participate in nor promote activities that interfere with the neighbor's enjoyment of their home. Criminal activities and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will result in lease cancellation.

If the home site lease annual fee is not paid, the CSKT TLD Department will turn the debt over to the US Treasury for collection or a judgment will be created through Tribal Court. The TLD office does accept payroll deductions and per capita assignments for payment of debts owed for the use ofTribal Lands.

Home Site Improvements:
Previously occupied mobile homes are required to be inspected prior to placing them on a Tribal home site lease lot. There is a standard for age and condition of a home and it must pass an inspection proving it safe and sanitary. Mobile home inspections can be performed by SKHA personnel or private contracted personnel. If a mobile home is moved onto a home site lot without inspection, and then fails
inspection; the lessee must remove the home within 30 days of discovery of the failed inspection. If the lessee does not remove the home within such 30 day period, CSKT may remove it and then charge the lessee for reimbursement of removal costs, including staff time.

Home site improvements may be sold to an eligible Tribal member, with the involvement of the Tribal Lands office. The TLD office can assist with advertisement of the improvements, preparation of a bill of sale, verification of the bill of sale and approval of the Secretary which is required. Tribal members can only have one {1) Tribal home site lease.

If a lease is cancelled through an adverse action, the lessee of record may be charged for the removal of any remaining improvements and/or personal property due to the property being in trespass, if a valid lease is cancelled.

Estate Planning:
Lessees can leave a home built on a Tribal lease lot, to a non-enrolled spouse under a life estate provision. Non-Tribal member spouses will be charged an annual rent based on the lot size. Tribal member elder privileges (no rent at age 60 years) does not extend to non-member spouses.

In the event of a death of the home site lessee, the estate and or appointed personal representative {PR) will be provided the opportunity to sell the improvements {house and not the land), as long as that transaction is done within the first 12 months following the death.

If the estate transaction takes longer than 12 months, the estate will be charged a fair market value rent for the home site lot rent.

When obtaining a home site lease contract, you will be offered an optional Designation of Successor Form at the time of lease signing. These forms may also be completed at a later date at the l essee's discretion. The form designates who the lessee would like the lease lot transferred to in case of their demise. The Successor must be an eligible tribal member.

Home Site Lot Rental:
Home site lot rental is reviewed periodica lly and lot rent can be adjusted by Tribal Council action. The CSKT Tribes dedicate valuable Tribal owned real estate to the home site program. Rental is due in full within 30 days of billing. Home site lessees will receive one {1) bill annually (no reminders). CSKT Payroll deduction and per capita assignments will ensure prompt payment. Also, lessees must ensure that the TLD office has a phone number so that contact can be made, in the event of a payment problem.

Salish Kootenai Housing Authority (SKHA) Mutual Help Homes:
Homes that are purchased f rom SKHA that are located on tribal lease lots do not include the land; only the home and surface improvements are included in any sale. A SKHA purchase does not relieve the lessee of the need to pay the Tribal Lands Office for the use of Tribal land through an annual home site lease fee.

Housing Alternatives and Purchase Options:
The SKHA does maintain a low rent unit waiting list. SKHA has low rent, mutual help, as well as transitional housing. There is a Native American Home Buyer Education class available at SKHA that does provide valuable advice on lending practices and home owner responsibilities. SKHA may be contacted about any of their programs or services at (406) 675-4491 or at 56243 US Highway 93 North, Pablo MT 59855.

There are low rent services available through t he Ronan Housing Authority as well. They may be contacted at (406) 676-5900 or at 22 2nd Avenue SW, Ronan MT 59864.

Other local housing options (purchase or rentals) are advertised in the Advertiser, the CharKoosta and the Valley Journal Newspapers.

Potential applicants and home owners are also welcome to check in with the Tribal Lands Office as Tribal members f requently inform TLD staff when individual trust land is offered for sale. If you are interested in purchasing individual owned trust land, please see Anita Matt, TLD Office, so she can match potential buyers and sellers.

Questions on the CSKT Tribal home site program can be em ailed to
Holly Hitchcock at hollyh@cskt.org

Applicants are encouraged to keep a current mailing address, phone number and email on file in the Tribal Lands Office.

All home site applicants are required to update annually.

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