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Land Planning...

The Planning Program is divided into four main areas: agricultural land planning, general land use planning, noxious weed management, and field work projects.

Agricultural Land planning includes:

  • Grazing resource inventories.
  • Rangeland (non-cultivated grazing land) management planning, including environmental analysis, plan implementation and monitoring.
  • Cropland and pasture conservation planning, including environmental
    analysis, implementation and monitoring.
  • Conservation and protection of environmentally-sensitive and other key areas.

Land Use planning includes:

  • Long-range, integrated resource management planning for Tribal land and resource uses, including policy analysis and revision.
  • Environmental analysis of Tribal residential subdivisions, including coordination of land surveys and infrastructure development.
  • Residential relocation required by Highway 93 expansion.
  • Review of environmental documents and surveys for individual trust and non-Tribal subdivisions to insure compliance with federal and Tribal laws and policies.
  • Review of long-range plans and policies drafted by local counties and municipalities and other agencies to insure compatibility with Tribal policies and accuracy regarding Tribal programs.

Noxious Weed management includes inventory, prioritization, planning, environmental analysis, implementation and monitoring for noxious weed management on Tribal Lands.

Field Work Projects include projects related to interim management of Kerr fish and wildlife habitat acquisitions, ARCO settlement acquisitions, and other Tribal Lands field projects. 

The Planning Program also provides office space and is the Tribal government liaison for a U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Resource Conservationist and for the Montana State University (MSU) Flathead Reservation Extension Office.

Please refer to the individual Program Pages for additional information about planning services.

Brad Trosper Program Manager
(vacant) Land Use Planning Director
Dennis Clairmont Field Work Projects Coordinator
Doug Dupuis Range Specialist
Dan Jackson Weed Specialist
(Vacant) Field Technician
Herb Webb NRCS Tribal Conservationist
(Vacant) Field Technician

Renee Kittle MSU Flathead Reservation Extension Agent
Website: http://extn.msu.montana.edu/counties/flatheadres/

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Contact Information
Planning Program Manager:
Brad Trosper
Phone: (406) 675-2700, ext. 1251
Email: bradt@cskt.org 
Fax: (406) 275-2804

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