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Permits & Leases...

Permitting and Leasing staff manage over a thousand residential leases on Tribal and individual trust properties, including several hundred leases and subleases with the Salish Kootenai Housing Authority. Staff also manage agricultural leases and range permits on hundreds of thousands of acres, multiple business leases and short-term permits, gravel and landscape rock permits, sign permits, and special use permits. Landowners and lessees also receive assistance from Lands Department staff on boundary locations, fencing, trespass, and clean-up issues.

Please refer to the individual Program Pages for application forms and additional information about Tribal permits and leases.

(Vacant) Program Manager
Roy Adams Field Technician
Willie Birthmark Lease Compliance Officer
(Vacant) Home Site Leasing Technician
Carol Farrell Agriculture and Range Leasing Technician
Louis McDonald - Minerals Technician
(Vacant) Business Leasing Technician 
(Vacant) Field Technician

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