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Titles and Records...

The Land Titles and Records Office (LTRO) is an official federal repository for Indian trust land titles and records. The LTRO provides the same function as a Register of Deeds, Title Abstract Office or Title Insurance Company, recording all land title documents that convey and/or encumber Indian trust land. It also maintains documents related to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’ fee status lands. This award-winning program is the first Tribally-compacted Indian Title Plant in the United States.

Transfer of land from Fee status to Trust status, and Probate services, such as estate planning and will writing, are also included in this program. Please refer to the individual Program Pages for application forms and additional information about these services.

The Titles and Records Program also includes Appraisal services. Appraisals or fair market value estimates are provided by appraisal staff as required to complete land transactions--such as acquisitions, exchanges, leases or rights-of-way. Due to a large demand for appraisal services, appraisals can only be ordered by Tribal Lands staff members, and are completed according to the priorities set by the Tribal Council.

George DuCharme – Program Manager
Ron Couture – Appraiser Trainee
Beverly Petticrew – Appraiser Trainee
Frances Skare – Probate Specialist
(Vacant) - Probate Technician
Darcy Wieder – Land Technician
(Vacant) – Appraisal Technician

Mission Statement:

“To provide accurate, timely and cost-effective federal land title services to Indian individuals and tribes.”

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Title Status & Individual Ownership Request Form
Titles and Records Program Manager: George DuCharme
Phone: (406) 675-2700, ext. 1269
Email: georged@cskt.org 
Fax: (406) 275-2804

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