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Trust Purchases...

The Tribal Land Acquisition Technician processes trust land purchases and exchanges, trust-to-fee transactions and gift deeds.

All transactions require the following:

  1. Technician obtains a Title Status Report (TSR) and an inventory of trust land ownership.
  2. Client submits Application for Sale of Trust Land and Notice of Waiver. (Waiver applies to Cobell v. Norton pending lawsuit.)

For Land Purchases and Exchanges:

  1. The Technician prepares an issue paper for the Tribal Council to review and decide whether or not they are interested in purchasing or exchanging the property.
  2. If the Council shows interest in purchasing or exchanging trust property, the Technician orders a survey, if needed, and an appraisal(s) from the staff appraiser. (Please note: There is a limited budget for surveys that are contracted out to licensed surveyors. Because there is a lengthy list for staff appraisal services, the Tribal Council prioritizes the list. Once completed, appraisals must also be approved by the Northwest Regional Office.
  3. After the approved appraisal is received by the Acquisition Technician, the owner is advised of the Fair Market Value determined by the appraisal. The owner then informs the Technician of his or her asking price.
  4. Lands Department staff then present the proposal, with the asking price, to the Tribal Council.
  5. If Council agrees to purchase at that price, the deeds and resolutions are processed, and a closing is completed.

For Trust to Fee, the process differs at Step 4. If the Tribal Council is not interested in purchasing the property, the Technician prepares a Letter of Disinterest from the Tribes, and processes the paperwork for a Fee Patent on the property.

Gift Deeds are a conveyance or transfer of property without any compensation. These are similar to the Family Transfer process on non-Tribal lands where an individual can transfer a piece of property to a family member without going through the subdivision review process. Only brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, parents, children and/or grandparents may receive a gift deed.

For Gift Deeds, the process differs at Step 3:

  1. An Appraisal is ordered, OR the client may waive the appraisal.
  2. A Survey is ordered, if needed.
  3. The Deeds are prepared.
  4. Documents are recorded in the Title Plant.

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