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In 1991, the Tribes formed the Division of Environmental Protection within the Natural Resources Department. The purpose of the Division is to protect human health and the environment for all Reservation residents. When created, the Division consisted of three programs: Air Quality, Water Quality, and Shoreline and Aquatic Lands Protection. Two of the three, Air and Shoreline programs, had been functioning for several years prior to 1991, but within a different organizational structure. A new program, Solid and Hazardous Waste, was added to the Division in 1993. The Division Manager presently handles solid waste issues with assistance from the Solid/Hazardous Waste Specialist and handles Pesticides issues with the assistance of the Pesticides Specialist . In 2003 the Tribal Brownfields Response Program was created.

In 2006, the Pesticides program was added to the Division and in 2007, the Underground Storage Tank/Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program was added.

Division Administration :
Mike Durglo- Division Manager
Chris McDonald - Administrative Assistant


Tiny Critter - Huge Threat


Have you recently boated in other Waters?
Only you can prevent zebra mussels from spreading to Flathead Lake.

Zebra mussels may be small, but the problems they cause are enormous.  In other states, they’re infesting lakes, threatening native species and damaging everything from boat motors to public water intakes.

Inspect your boat and trailer for any aquatic life, mud, or vegetation, and removed it away from the water before launching.

Wash your boat and trailer far away from all streams, lakes, or surfaces water before launching.

Empty live wells and dry thoroughly or disinfect with a diluted bleach solutions before launching.

for more information please visit: http://www.protectyourwaters.net/

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Division Manager: Mike Durglo
Phone: (406) 883-2888
Email: miked@cskt.org

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