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Tribal Reserved Water Rights Negotiations...

January 17, 2013 Proposed FIIP Water Use Agreement Summary
January 17, 2013 Proposed FIIP Water Use Agreement
Proposed Unitary Administration & Management Ordinance, November 8, 2012
<Proposed Compact, November 8, 2012
Summary of Proposed Compact and Ordinances, November 8, 2012
Summary of the October 3, 2012 Draft Compact Ordinance (MS Word)
Summary of the October 3, 2012 Draft Compact Ordinance (PDF)
Public Review Draft of Water Rights Compact October 3, 2012
(Appendices are listed to the right under 'Documents Available')
Latest Water Rights Draft Ordinance Oct. 1, 2012
Public Review Draft Agreement to Settle Project Water Rights (PDF)

Water Rights Presentation
This presentation explains the background and history on the water negotiation process. It briefly covers how federal laws have influenced the process, and how the negotiation process has evolved to its current state. Now the matter could go to court or it could be negotiated out of court. However these talks turn out, the end result will impact every user of reservation water and those of the surrounding communities for decades to come. Consider this presentation as a primer on the water rights issues in Western Montana.

Modeling scenario to evaluate the influence of supplemental water supplies from the Flathead Basin on Hungry Horse Reservoir, Flathead Lake, and the Flathead River
U. S. Department of the Interior
Bureau of Reclamation
Pacific Northwest Region

June 30, 2010 Bureau of Reclamation public meeting presentation summarizing a scenario to utilize supplemental water supplies from Hungry Horse Reservoir and the Flathead River to support the water rights adjudication for the CSKT.

Overview of Wetland Resources on the Flathead Indian Reservation...

Water Rights Negotiation Calendar

Unitary Administration and Management Ordinance
Indian Water Law, the short version
Negotiate vs Litigate Info
bullet Preliminary Report on Groundwater Assessments for the Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana
bullet Appendix 1
bullet Appendix 3
bullet Appendix 5
bullet Appendix 8
bullet Appendix 9
bullet Appendix 10
bullet Appendix 11
bullet Appendix 12
bullet Appendix 13
bullet Appendix 14
bullet Appendix 15
bullet Appendix 16
bullet Appendix 17
bullet Appendix 18
bullet Appendix 20
bullet Appendix 28
bullet Appendix 29
bullet Appendix 30
bullet Appendix 31
bullet Attachment A Lakes
bullet Attachment A Wetlands
bullet Attachment B
bullet Attachment C
bullet Attachment F1 MFWP
bullet Attachment F2 MFWP
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Presentation explaining the Water Rights Negotiation Process
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