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Land Use & Development Planning...

The Land Use Planning Program is responsible for:
  • Long-range, integrated resource management planning for Tribal land and resource uses, including policy analysis and revision.
  • Environmental analysis of Tribal residential subdivisions, including coordination of land surveys and infrastructure development, Title Status review, and coordination with the Tribal Council, staff and the general public for Tribal land use designations.
  • Residential relocation required by Highway 93 expansion.
  • Review of environmental documents and surveys for individual trust and non-Tribal subdivisions to insure compliance with federal and Tribal laws and policies.
  • Review of long-range plans and policies drafted by local counties and municipalities and other agencies to insure compatibility with Tribal policies and accuracy regarding Tribal programs.
Recommended Changes to Lake County Density Map in 2005
(reflecting Tribal Cultural and Natural Resource Concerns)
Final Version (adopted by County)

Planning Documents:

  • Flathead Reservation Comprehensive Resources Plan (1996)
    Existing Conditions, Management Issues, Goals, Alternatives, and Objectives for 15 categories of land-related resources, including air, water, wildlife, cultural, forest, agricultural and land development resources.
  • Land Use and Growth Projection Study (1996)
    U.S. Highway 93 Land Use Inventory, Reservation Land Use Public Opinion Poll, Growth Projections, Maps of Sensitive Lands and Lands Suitable for Development, Growth Management Tools
  • Flathead Reservation Transportation Plan
  • Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Home Site Leasing and Development on the Flathead Reservation (2000)
    National Environmental Policy Act and BIA required document that analyzes alternatives and describes the approved home site leasing and development process.
  • Developing Your Home Site (2001)
    Lists the general steps and contacts for developing a Tribal home site lease lot.
  • Site and Building Standards for Tribal Home Sites (2001)
    Provides information about site planning, fire protection, building codes, driveways, etc.
  • Multiple Site-Specific Environmental Documents for Each Home Site

  • Draft Flathead Reservation Land Use Plan (2006)

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Contact Information
Land Use Planning Director:
Janet Camel
Phone: (406) 675-2700 ext. 1256
Email: janetc@cskt.org 
Fax: (406) 275-2804

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